How to Apply
Work @Canada

Canada welcomes 1 Million Immigrants to build Canada Economy for the next 3 years until 2024 despite COVID19 Crisis

Why Canada ?

Canada is opened for 1 million Immigrants til 2024, thus you have the opportunity to get new career in Canada and bring your family with you. If you can obtain Permanent Resident (PR) you can receive the same benefits as Canada Citizen except to vote or elect yourself.


Canada’s educational and health facilities are among the best in the world and are highly subsidized. Jobs in Canada are also high as the country provides numerous countless job opportunities for qualified and skilled migrants. Canada also provides excellent trade and personal growth opportunities

Who ?

The program is for any Indonesia Citizen below 45 years old who interests to migrate to Canada for Work and become Permanent Resident (PR) in Canada and meet the criteria to work and stay in Canada. Right now we only accept Indonesian Nationality Applicant


Canada regulation permits Any Nationalities until 55 years old to apply for Work and/or Permanent Resident, but due to Point System that we considered, above 45 years old applicants will not obtain any point, thus, we only accept candidate maximum with 45 years old of age

What is the Job ?

With a million immigrants required by Canada, basically any jobs are available in Canada, from Light Duty Cleaner until Managerial Level. For any type of Industry

Visa Option to work

Canada is world’s second best education according to OECD with 25% population has Bachelor Degree and 10%

Your Children will enjoy Free Canada Education until High School if you have PR in Canada 

Eligibility to work

Lenght of Process

The average process can take approximately to 9 (nine) months until you can get Work Visa. It can be longer due to COVID19 Pandemic and other reasons from IRCC, or it is also can be shorter if you have very High Skilled Qualification and in demand in Canada OR you apply with Open LMIA

Salary ?

Basically Salary is Negotiable for Mid-High Skill position, but for Low Skill and Unskill Position, the hourly salary will be Provincial Minimum Wage 2020/2021 that range from CAD 11.45 (Saskatchewan) to CAD 15 (Alberta), it is also can be references for Expectation for Mid-High Skill position.

If you get CAD 15/hours with 200 hours/month work, your Gross Monthly Salary : IDR 35 million

See : https://www.payworks.ca/payroll-legislation/MinimumWage.asp

Canada Border ?

Canada Border is remained open for certain Visa and Purpose ONLY including Work Visa. 

There is mandatory quarantine in Canada for Non-Vaccinate people who enter Canada. You can check for your detail eligibility to enter Canada at Canada Border Services at 



cost ?

Please refer to the agreement below for the detail fees, payment steps and terms and conditions of the agreement. The Agreement is valid for JOB BASE ONLY

For POINT BASE, the cost will be doubled from JOB BASE, since it is bundle with PR application, and you will fly to Canada as PR


Download Area

If you interest to apply,

  1. Download and sign our Agreement Letter
  2. Send CV, Copy Passport and signed Agreement Letter to our email canada@binamandiri.sg

Subject : Work@Canada

For any inquiries must be in ENGLISH and ONLY by email